Chasing Cairns was founded in 2014 by Jeremy Cronon, a freelance writer and outdoor educator based in the United States. The website focuses mainly on adventure travel and outdoor experiences throughout the contiguous United States and abroad. The most recent projects have focused on public rights of way in England, America's National Parks, and New Zealand wanderings.
With content ranging from pieces on mindful travel to in-depth gear analysis, from packing lists to backcountry recipes, from day-to-day adventures to major expeditions. All of the content is mine and drawn from my own personal experiences. All gear reviews, trail commentaries, and stories are as unbiased as humanly possible. 
As someone who makes a living in the outdoor industry, I welcome the opportunity to test gear and equipment. I hope that my own research and experiences may prove useful for others attempting their own adventures. I will always promote the tried and tested products that I love and continue to use.  All reviews will be as honest, as critical, and as unbiased as possible. If you would like me to test your product, please get in touch with me.