Coast to Coast: Trip Blog

Below, you will find the archived blog entries from my Coast-to-Coast hike across England with my father.

2015.07.15 – A Working Rest Day

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Another day in Grasmere, another day in paradise. On many of the long-distance cycling or backpacking trips that I have done, rest days are often some of the most tiring. They represent a gap in a routine, that can be … Read More

2015.07.14 – Ridge Running

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In a truly relaxed fashion, the Royal Oak Hotel in Borrowdale had us waiting for breakfast until 8:00 AM, far later than I would wait to eat on any regular backpacking trip. It was well worth the wait, and it … Read More

2015.07.13 – The Lakeland Mists

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Our first day on the Coast to Coast proved to be a diverse and gorgeous adventure. The day began with a wonderfully filling breakfast of muesli, veggie sausages, and other breakfast treats. Then, with full bellies, we set of for … Read More

2015.07.12 – Leaving London

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Today, my dad and I began our hike across England, starting in St. Bees on the coast of the Irish Sea and ending in Robin Hood’s on the North Sea. The trek will take us from the Lake District, through … Read More

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