New Zealand Map

My time in New Zealand can very readily be divided into two different sections. For the first month, my mom and I traveled together in a campervan named Chili. We covered massive amounts of ground, enjoying the driving as much as the sightseeing. We both accidentally drove on the wrong side of the road from time to time and frequently turned on the windshield wipers when we meant to flip the turn signal. We had an absolute blast. 

After my mom left, I took to the road, using my thumbs and my feet to get from Point A to Point B. I had hitchhiked a few times before, but never committed to it as my main mode of travel. I learned a lot from my countless hours standing along the roadside, riding shotgun, and talking with fellow hitchers. Over almost four months, I hitched over 4,500 kilometers with over one hundred drivers. It changed the way I see hitchhiking, driving, and the strangers that come in and out of my life. 

Each map charts my route throughout New Zealand.