I concocted the idea of roadtripologies as I was planning for my journey through the National Parks. I knew I needed some sort of structure that would encourage me to live mindfully and take advantage of opportunities as I traveled. I wrote about eleven of these rules in my New York Times article, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. These simple rules have fundamentally changed the way that I approach travel and continue to influence my day-to-day life. There will be more coming soon...

Use Real Maps

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Roadtripology Rule #2 – Use real maps whenever possible – Despite the simplicity of this rule, it has made a huge impact on the way that I understand the places through which I travel. My transition to paper maps has … Read More

No Eating in the Car

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Roadtripology Rule #1 – No eating in the car – The goal of this rule is largely to protect the sanctity of the meal, particularly the healthy meal. Convenience has catered to the automobile in a myriad of ways that … Read More