2015.08.12 – Up North

2015.08.12 – Up North

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Contrary to the absence of content posted to this blog, I am alive and I am no longer in the United Kingdom. Shocking. As soon as the Coast to Coast was done, my father and I slowed down our interaction with social media. I maintained a minor Instagram presence, but decided to focus my energy (what little I had left) elsewhere. For anyone following along, it might have seemed like we had stepped into a black hole, but really we were just quietly enjoying our last few days in northern England.

I had not really intended on doing a major write up of those days, but I will at some point. In doing so, I will destroy the chronological nature of blog posts, but some rules are meant to be broken. In short, we spent a day wandering the coast between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby before taking a train to Manchester. There, we squirreled away in a 17th century farmhouse and spent our days wandering through Alan Garner’s landscapes in Alderley Edge and popped into Liverpool for a day trip. Just as we had become accustomed to that semi-urban way of life, we headed into Manchester for two days of pavement pounding and museums.

That was the end of our six week journey across and around the United Kingdom. It all began to feel very real once we stepped off the plane in Madison, WI, eyeing familiar places and headed in familiar directions. For me, this was crunch time. I had to organize all of my stuff, get my life in order, and then head north. Luckily, my Dad was with me every step of the way, ensuring that I left in good shape. So far, I think we did a great job.

The next phase of my journey was to head to Bayfield, our families outpost of serenity and bliss in northern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior. This is where I feel truly at home. As I was driving north, I realized I hadn’t been there in over three years, which was quite shocking, but life gets in the way, for better or for worse. I’ve never had a smoother and more exciting six hour drive. I chalk that up to knowing what lay at the end: The big lake. No other body of water can seem so calm and the next minute so fierce. “Sublime” only begins to cover my association with this lake.

While Bayfield may have been our summer home for the majority of my childhood, it now represents the send off point for my next big adventure. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be building my interior storage/sleep system, compiling my gear lists (and checking them twice), making all my preparations, and finally hitting the road. It is all about to begin 🙂

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  1. Neil Howk
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  2. Jean Cronon
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    Thank you for your update. I know you and your Mom will be working hard to get your van ready for the long long journey it will be taking you on over the next few months. I look forward to being included in this journey via your blogs. Bill is still recovering from his illness so I haven’t seen him except for your brief stop when you returned from your long hike. It was very lucky that he didn’t get sick until after he got back!
    Lots of Love , Grandma

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