A Mobile Home

A Mobile Home

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Each one of us has a footprint on this Earth. The most physical manifestation of this footprint is where we live: our home. As we travel to and from work, or to visit relatives, or visit the grocery store, we leave a network of paths that are an indication of our movement through life. Each of these paths, however, eventually leads back to our home. That is where we find our most consistent and deepest footprint.

Now home isn’t necessarily where you sleep every night or even where the address attached to your mortgage. I am embarking on a new lifestyle that will leave me without a permanent address, electricity bill, or a rent payment. For all intents and purposes, I will be homeless. No walls adorned with framed pictures. No gabled roof. No carpeted floor. In my own way, I will have each of those things.

When I return to the US after my time in the United Kingdom, my first step will be to buy my version of four walls and a roof: a Subaru Outback. Interior space, versatility, handling, dependability, and 4-wheel drive. Not a bad rig if you ask me. This standard issue vehicle will serve as the exoskeleton and engine for my adventures. The interior will be entirely mine. I’ve decided to create a storage/sleep system in the back that closely mirrors this. Once I install my own locking mechanism, I will have a secure, compartmentalized storage unit that doubles as a solid and comfortable bed.

This simple system will keep my somewhat confined life organized, secure, and comfortable. I will spend a couple of weeks building it up North before I embark on my travels. My welding experience is limited, so I can imagine I will use a more wood-based construction as opposed to metal. I will continue to update this post and add others as I work through the process.

In addition to the storage/sleep system, I will probably also look into the cost of window tinting. As this will be my home, I would prefer to keep things as private as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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    I saw that your first adventure vehicle was a Honda Element. I would love to hear your take on the vehicle and your modifications to help you on your journeys. I so see that you have chosen the Subaru Outback as the Elements successor. I woulD also lime to hear your thoughts on the change. Thanks very much, Beau coup great information. Thanks!!

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