Au Naturel

Au Naturel

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The month of March was without any new plastics. Tough, eye-opening, but definitely worthwhile. April is about new beginnings. The warm rains bring life to the budding flowers, students begin their final quarter of study, and a many leafy greens begin to fill the farmers’ market shelves.

For me, April will be about living naturally. In this day and age, it is much more difficult to do this than you think. “All Natural” scream out from just about every package in the grocery store. Yet these products are last forever and contain ingredients like maltodextrin, corn syrup, canola oil, food coloring, etc. Some of these may be derived from natural sources, but are they natural? Is corn syrup the same as eating corn on the cob?

As a result of this ingredient-related frustration, I will only be using toiletries, cleaning products, etc. and eating foods whose ingredients I recognize and understand. Sometimes that means making your tooth paste instead of buying it. Or spending extra on a deodorant that doesn’t smell normal. Or making your own sauce, instead of using jarred versions.¬†Ingredients should be simple, but now it feels like you need a periodic table or a chemistry degree to understand how some of these “natural” substances came to be.

Understanding what you put in your body is a great way to change the way you relate to both your body and the way you treat it.

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