Finding My Element

Finding My Element

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Even though I will not set sail across America for many months, I have started my search for a suitable car/home for my time on the road. Initially, I gravitated towards the Subaru Outback. It is a solid car that could handle just about anything I could throw at it, but it is not necessarily ideal. Low ceilings and minimal storage make it less than optimal when you are thinking of it as a house, rather than a car. I then started looking at the Honda CR-V. The combination of a slightly larger interior, AWD, and that reliable Honda motor definitely had me excited, especially if I ripped the back seats out.

Then someone mentioned the Element…

I immediately wrote that off because it is such a hideous car. While I still believe that improvements could be made in the aesthetic department, this does actually seam like the perfect car for this adventure. It is spacious. It is a Honda. It is utilitarian. It has AWD. It has a waterproof interior. It has removable back seating that allow for unlimited modular bed/storage systems. The list goes on.

As my search intensified, I found the look of the Element growing on me. I began seeing them everywhere I went. Now I just need to find my own!

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