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Every year, my current school sends its 9th class for a week long trip to San Miguel Escobar in Guatemala. I was lucky enough to go last year and have been chosen to go again this year. While this is a departure from my normal style of trip, it involves the same planning and preparation.

Last year, I carted around my Osprey Talon 44 for this trip. This year I have opted to slim things down to my Osprey Talon 22. Part of the goal of this trip is to put students in situations where they realize that having more does not equate to being more happy. By bringing less, I hope that I can enact this concept. The image above shows just everything that will go into my pack.

Bonus: By limiting myself to only what I need, I will be able to bring back more of a specific and precious commodity: Guatemalan coffee. You might be wondering how I will do that if I have shrunk both my gear list and my pack, but I ended up only filling the Talon 22 up about 3/4 of the way. That leaves plenty of room for coffee!


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