Introducing: The Store

Introducing: The Store

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Recently, I decided that I wanted to expand my blog. Transitioning to and adding a Pixelgrade theme gave me options far beyond those that I had ever considered. As I initially envisioned it, it centered on my experiences as I travel both the world and the United States. At the same time, I have always wanted to provide helpful and worthwhile input for those who are trying to find the right equipment as they set out on their own adventures. I am about to go on a long and diverse adventure, so why shouldn’t I discuss what I bring with me and why. Reviews are a simple way to convey how I choose the equipment that I use and how it performs. Reviews, however, have been built into this blog from the beginning. This past weekend I decided to take things a step further.

The Amazon Associates program is basically a free way for Amazon to market their products outside of their site. Representatives, like myself, decide which products they want to promote, create interest for, and sell from their site, while Amazon kicks back, watches the money roll in, and pays out a small commission on each sale. It is by no means a way to get rich, but it could mean a minor source of secondary income while I am on the road.

Financial motivations aside, I see this as a simple and productive opportunity for me to promote the products that I use and to make the easily accessible to anyone reading my blog. My goal will be to collect and maintain a moderate listing of my favorite pieces of equipment. From titanium sporks, to camping stoves, to watches, to knives, all having passed muster in one way or another. Because clothing has so many variations and sizes associate with it, I will be limiting my offerings to hard goods. The Store will be updated with some regularity, but the caliber of gear sold will be similar even for new offerings.

If you read about something you like or see a product that you might like to add to your collection, feel free to add it to your cart. If you decide to purchase it, then you will eventually be transferred to Amazon to complete the sale. As always, your readership and business is greatly appreciated.

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