Kupilka Cup

Kupilka Cup

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What is so special about this cup? It doesn’t even have a traditional handle!

I heard about the Finnish Kupilka Cup from a fellow outdoor gear blogger and was instantly hooked. In a world full of high tech gadgets and outrageously expensive outerwear, this cup remains simple. It is made of a composite of pine fibre and thermoplastic, making it as natural as it can be while still adding some of the durability and heat retention that plastic ensures. While an entirely wooden vessel might be more natural, it would expand and contract with changes in the moisture, it could splinter or break. Materials aside, this cup simply feels comfortable.

The Kupilka 21 cup itself fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, while the handle makes it very easy to use the cup as a ladle. It weighs in at just under 3 ounces, which is not ultralight, but is worth the extra grams. Although the cup was primarily designed for drinking, it works very well as a bowl. Personally, I think it will be one of the items that I carry with me on any trip.

The Bare Bones

Name: Kupilka 21 Cup

Materials: 50% pine fibre, 50% thermoplastic

Weight: 2.9 oz

Recommended Uses: Curling up with a good book, lazy Sundays, coffee

Kupilka Cup

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