Living Without Plastic

Living Without Plastic

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I think it probably goes without saying that trying to live a life sans-plastique is very difficult in this day and age. My goal for the month of March was to not use or buy any new plastic. I could use plastic that I already owned, but did not increase my usage during March. This made this challenge somewhat easier than an entirely plastic-free existence. That being said, I had to limit myself to eating fresh vegetables, bringing my own utensils, switch over to cloth produce bags, cancel all online orders, and stop buying anything wrapped in plastic, made of plastic, with a plastic cap, with a plastic seal, etc.

What did I learn? I found out that my diet isn’t as dependent on plastic as the Standard American Diet. I discovered that transitioning away from plastic-laced products forced me to stay away from processed foods and eat healthier. Most of all though, I realized how pervasive plastic, especially disposable plastic, is in our society. It is everywhere and we still don’t have a viable solution for what to do with that all the byproduct that our obsession creates.

Any changes you can make to reduce your dependency and usage of plastic are steps in the right direction. Give it a try, Spend a day looking at the plastic that surrounds you, then imagine where it all ends up when you are done with it. After that, the choice is up to you.

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