Our Frustrating World

Our Frustrating World

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I often feel overwhelmed by my inability to effect change in the world around me. I try to lead a good life. I eat a clean diet. I don’t own a car. I buy clothing from mindful corporations. I live within my means. I avoid excess. Yet the world around me is still going to the pits. Despite the best efforts of countless Americans to effect change, our entire society focuses on excess and overuse.

What is the answer? We need a wake up call that forces people to re-evaluate their own practices and to seek answers. Maybe that is when Hoover Dam stops producing power. Or when the Great Plains enters into another Dust Bowl. Or when another community loses potable water. Yet all those things are on the horizon and so few people know. Of those who know, even fewer try to do anything about it.

I get frustrated with myself for not being able to do enough. I get frustrated with others for not caring. In the end, it boils down to the simple, age old adage: Ignorance is bliss.

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