prAna Stretch Zion Pant

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When I think about a do-all pant, I imagine myself bungee jumping, rock climbing, sledding, handstand walking, sky diving, running, yoga, back squatting, cooking, kneeling, dancing, and anything else life throws my direction. Basically being Mr. Fancy Pants from that awesome internet game! Does that pant exist? Maybe not, but the prAna Stretch Zion gets you most of the way there.

In preparation for my time in the British Isles, I knew I had to track down a new hiking pant. My well-loved hiking pants were a pair of khaki North Face convertibles that I found at a hole in the wall thrift shop for $3.00. Score. They looked presentable, fit reasonably well, and had more pockets than I knew what to do with. But when you are going to be living out of 1-2 pairs of pants for months at a time, it makes sense to upgrade. was having a sale and I had some credit to spend, so I excitedly moved about 7 items from my “Wish List” to my “Cart”. Fortunately, Backcountry was having a sale on Prana. I picked up a pair of Sretch Zion Convertible and Non-Convertible Pants. This review is dedicated to the latter.


The non-convertible Prana Stretch Zion pant is a dream in design and workmanship. Generally, hiking pants are ugly, billowy, poorly fit, and feature-heavy (to a fault). In my mind, simple reigns king. These pants have 5 pockets: two up front, two in the back, and one cargo-style pocket on the left leg. The pockets aren’t oversize, nor do they detract from the look of the pant. They are meant to be worn as full pants (aka non-convertible), but they have interior/exterior buttons at mid shin that allow you to secure a rolled pant leg. Regardless of how you wear them, they are comfortable. Extremely comfortable.


These pants will take a beating in just about any setting you are willing to wear them in. They are lightweight and meant for temperate weather.  After hours on the bike, the crotch stitchings hold true. The knee gussets have gone through many a squat and remain strong. Solid design and strong materials make this pant a keeper.


I have not spent nearly enough time in these pants as I would like, but I am extremely excited about the weeks/months where I will be wearing them day in and day out. I’ve spent enough hours in them to know that I am sad whenever life calls for a different pair of pants…

The Bare Bones

Name: prAna Stretch Zion Pant

Materials: 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex (Stretch Zion Fabric)

Extra: Treated with DWR coating

Available Colors: Blue, Dark Khaki, Mud, Charcoal, Brown, Black

Recommended Uses: Hiking, climbing, travel, any outdoor endeavor

Price: $79.00

Get Your OwnL: prAna Stretch Zion Pant

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