Solo Stove

Solo Stove

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When you go hiking in the woods, what are you generally surrounded by? Wood.

The Solo Stove is a lightweight, wood burning stove that encourages you to use the renewable resource that surrounds you instead of packing in heavy canisters of gas or liquid fuel. It is about as simple as a self-contained cooking system can be. No moving parts, no finicky maintenance, just simple functionality. Think about it this way: The Solo Stove is a hollow, double walled can with holes to ventilate and feed the fire burning inside. The Solo Stove works beautifully when paired with the Solo Pot, which the Stove nestles into perfectly. The pot sits above the stove on a riser or pot stand that allows for increased air flow. Solo designed this stove to sustain a fire for all of your cooking needs, and it does just that.

I will be sharing more in-depth thoughts on this stove soon, but I am already impressed by its usability, versatility, and simplicity already. Definitely a winner in my book. Stay tuned.

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