Staying Connected

Staying Connected

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Tomorrow, my journey begins. I am hoping to update this blog as often as possible so that people can effectively follow along with me as I wind my way through America’s protected public lands. It should be an adventure worth sharing and staying connected with. In this day and age, there are dozens of ways to promote and share one’s adventures with the world. Here is a quick guide to the different platforms I will be utilizing for this trip:

Newsletter – This is a more recent addition to the blog, but I have decided to put together a weekly (or as weekly as I can make it) newsletter with highlighted stories from the last section of travel. For casual followers, this may be a great way to get comprehensive updates complete with maps, favorite photos, etc. You can sign up here.

Travel Map – This map will be an up-to-date, cartographic visualization of the places I have been. I will try to highlight key areas and detail my specific routes via this map. You can find this map here.

Logbook – This section of the blog will be like my journal. For those of you who followed along on my Coast to Coast adventure with my dad, you will be familiar with posts in this format. All of my posts will be visible from the Chasing Cairns homepage, but this specific page will filter out other content like recipes, gear reviews, project write ups, etc. You can find this page here.

Facebook If you are on Facebook, you can stay informed about updated posts from Chasing Cairns by “Liking” or “Following” my page on Facebook. Most, but not all, of my posts to the blog will be publicized through this page as well. You can find this page here.

Instagram – If you are on Instagram, feel free to check out the photos that I will be posting using this platform. The sidebar on any of my posts contains a short slideshow of my latest Instagram posts, but feel free to follow along via Instagram as well. My handle is @chasingcairns and you can find that page here.

Twitter – Like Facebook, I have set up my blog so that most of my posts automatically publicize on Twitter as well. I am going to increase my Twitter presence as I dig deeper into this experience, but it will always provide updates on my latest posts. My handle is @chasingcairns and you can find that page here.

These will be my main avenues for storytelling on this journey. Obviously, my blog will also house other travel-related items, but if you utilize one or two of the methods described above, you should be able to follow along with ease!

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