The Month of March

The Month of March

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I have marked March as a month of dedication. I lapsed on many of my good habits during February. I was less consisting about my diet, fitness regimen, sleep, etc. This left me less fulfilled overall and a little worse for wear in the CrossFit department. March is the month of the CrossFit Open. I will be logging workouts alongside hundreds of thousands of other CrossFitters each weekend. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

Yet re-adhering myself to my former commitment levels is not the extent of my March promise.I also want to do my best to not consume any new plastics. Can I go a month without buying something wrapped in plastic, using plastic bags, or buying something made of plastic? I guess we will find out. On top of my plastic-free attempt, I will also be more vigilant about my utilities usage, my consumption/waste, and overall impact on the environment. Finally, I will not be buying anything marketed under the Nestle umbrella in March.

I also want to spend this month editing my blog entries. In the excitement of deciding on a new theme and writing the code for it, I uploaded page after page of new content without going over it with a fine tooth comb. Now that I have a solid content base, I want to make sure that content is strong, and not just filler. Hopefully March will be a good time to achieve that goal!

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