The New Chasing Cairns

The New Chasing Cairns

In May of 2016, my National Park tour concluded. For all intents and purposes, that trip had been the driving force between this website. What role would Chasing Cairns play in my life as I transitioned away from the National Parks into whatever adventure lay ahead? I will be the first to admit that I do not have a clear answer to that question. I do know, however, that I am nowhere near done processing my experiences from that journey across America. I have folders and folders full of images that are just waiting to be processed and dozens of half-written stories waiting to be completed. Attempting to write and process images while traveling only allowed me to scratch the surface, only telling the stories that felt most relevant to my ongoing narrative. Chasing Cairns, therefore, will continue to be the platform through which I dissect and sift through the defining stories from my travels.

The blog-centric format that I initially relied on with Chasing Cairns did not, however, still feel like the best way to convey who I am and what I am doing. I wanted to be able to continue to share my experiences from America’s National Parks, while also showcasing stories from my current adventures, wherever they may be. I needed something more static, that could speak both to my past and my present.

In order to achieve that new look, I rebuilt Chasing Cairns from the ground up. I opted for a static, visual homepage that boldly highlights recent posts, while simultaneously inviting viewers to explore the rest of the websites offerings. With an improved menu structure, viewers can look into the archives of my past exploits, discover what I have learned from my travels, view my ongoing journal, and even commission written work!

I am very excited about this latest iteration of Chasing Cairns. Hopefully, it will follow me on my travels wherever they may take me. I have spent hours creating new content, redesign the flow of the site, adding new images, so feel free to wander through the new version. If you find any dead links or error-ridden pages, please shoot me an email and I will fix them ASAP!

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